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20th Century Conspiracies (6): Alien Autospy

Today, it is all about UFO. Since 1950s, UFO and the aliens from the outer space have become one of the mysteries that people try to find the solid truth behind. Everyone wants to see any kinds of the evidences related to UFO and to observe any kinds of phtographs whatever of an alien being dead or alive. And, the controversy was started in 1995.

What is this?

In early 1995, a story alighted on a British television talk show, and from there the Internet and all ponts of the globe: A smalltime video distributor in London would soon make public U.S. government film footage documenting the forensic autopsy of an extraterrestrial humanoid - a real, dead E.T. And, not just any alien stuff, but a casualty of the famous Roswell incident, that 1947 crash of a flying disk- perhaps two- in the New Mexican desert.

The release of the now - infamous "Roswell Autopsy" footage did indeed materialize in August 1995- on the Fox nework (home if The X-Files) in the U.S. and similarly sensationalized TV broadcasts in more than thirty countries worldwide. The Fox speical sttracted 10 million viewers in its first airing,

Tell Me More

The footage itself consists of twenty minutes of black-and-white film showing two surgeons dissecting a bipedal figure that matches, more or less, today's popular description of that "breed" of E.T. commonly designated as "grays."

But is the footage true? or is it another hoax? So far, no one has stepped forward to confess. Frankly, however, when it comes to the autopsy film, many people are convinced that it is a lie. The few journalists who have the fiml have uncovered a slew of suspicious circumstances and contradictions. Beyond that, the footage itself raises far too many suspicions and fails to answer too many critical questions to be considered a genuine truth or fake.

Credit: Vakin,Jonathan. The 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time. 1st. Toronto,Ontarion: A Citadel Press Book, 1995.

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20th Century Conspiraicies (5): JFK - That Confusing Conspiracy

Sorry for the last weekend. I had my own prom, so there was no way I could write something down on that day. I was too excited. Anyways, today is about John F. Kennedy


The Kennedy's assassin, Oswald - or someone pretending to be Oswald or someone idenfified as Oswald, went to the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Mexico City in the summer of 1963, just a few months before the Kennedy assassination.

He reportly met with Soviet intellegence agents and tried to obtain a visak back to the Soviet Union. Why? There are a number of theoires. Perhaps Oswald was delused by Marxist ideals, or he was working for an intelligence angecy(KGB).

In any case, Oswald's voice was recorded in Mexico City and Winston Scott, the chief of the CIA;s Mexico City station, saved one of the recording in his home even after he retired. The CIA did not admit that sucha recording existed until 1976.

What happened after that?

In fact, the CIA lied that the recordings were all destroyed before the assassination before 1976. However, the Warren Committee showed its unwillingness to offend the CIA for being worried that more confusion would be created.

So who killed JFK? The CIA? KGB? The Mafia, who hated Kennedy because of his tough policies on gang violence? The military? wealthy right-wing extremists? or were they all somehow in league? There is even an evidence for any of the above. And all. Who knows?

There is another theory, recorded by Fonzi, a self-proclaimed CIA assassin who one night, with only close friends present, went into a boozy diatribe against Kennedy for sacrificing his CIA- trained comrades at the Bay of Pigs. "He added:" Fonzi wrote, "'Well , we took care of that son of a bitch , didn't we?'"

Credit:Vakin,Jonathan. The 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time. 1st. Toronto,Ontarion: A Citadel Press Book, 1995.

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20th Century Conspiracies (4) : The War against Japan in WWII

Long time no see! Sorry about the last week. I mean, my dad accidently screwed up my computer, so I needed to reformet the whole disk.... Anyways, today, I will talk about Pearl Harbour!
Yes, today is about the Pearl Harbour conspiracy.

What is this?
On the evening of December 6, 1941. The U.S. president F.D.Roosevelt recieved a message intercepted by the U.S. Navy sent from Tokyo to the Japanese embassy in Washington. The message was obvious since Japan, under the heavy pressure of the US oil sanction, was preparing to terminate the relation with the US. Roosevelt read the message and said, "This means war." Then, he did a very strange thing for a president in his situation.


At the dawn the next morning, a Japanese squardron bombed Pearl Harbor and the surprise sttack was just that, a complete surprise. At least, 4,575 American serviceman died.

After that?
There were eight ivestigatios of Pearl Harbor altogether. The most interesting one was a joint-House-Senate probe that reiterated the Roberts Commission findings. At those hearings, General George C. Marshall and Admirals Harold R.Stark testified taht they could not remember where they were night the war declaration came in. But, a close friend of Frank Knox, the secretary of the Navy, later revealed that Know, Stark, and Marshall spent most of that night in the White House with Roosevelt awating the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the chance for American to join World War II.

Historians had concluded long before Pearl Harbor that war against the Axis power aws a necessity. However, the American public disagreed. A strike against American territory would surely bring the public around.

Credit:Vakin,Jonathan. The 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time. 1st. Toronto,Ontarion: A Citadel Press Book, 1995.

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Conspiracies in 20th Century (III) : The White House Putsch (Coup) Conspiracy in 1930

Today, the topic is about the Great Depression. Since it affected a lot of countries in 1930 and became the main reason to lead WWII, there were a lot of conspiracies behind this era. One of the most interesting ones was "The White House Coup" against President F.D. Roosevelt.

What is this?

Only a handful of Americans know this, but during the Great Depression, a groups millionaries and businessowners created a conspiracy to hijack the U.S. government and install a fasicst dictatorship, like the Nazi government in Germany.

Want to Know More?

According to the book A Main in His Time by Spivak, plotters still continues to cover up the truth from the American public for sixty years after the incident: "...Even a generation later, those who are still alive and know all the facts have kept their silence so well that the conspiracy is not even a foonot in American histories."

Although the Hous of Representatives' McCormack-Dickstein Committee for Nazi and comminst activities in America confrimed the allegations, the investigation was quickly finished and was dismissed easily. No wonder! Most of the plotters were famous American financiers in the JP Morgan and Du Pont commercial empires, who bitterly opposed to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal policies and friendly policies towards labour unions.

Without Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, the conspiracy would be the reality. In 1933, active putsch plotters approached Butler; they offered him the job of transforming the American Legion veterans group into a 500,000- man marauding army for the coup.

Unformtunately, Butler's honesty turned out to be the conspiracy's downfall. As he told the Committee, Butler was first apporached by Gerald G.MacGuire, a bond salesman of the Connecticut American Legion. MacGuire, Butler said, explained that he had traveld to Europe to study the role played by veterans' groups in propping up Mussolini's facist Italy, Hitler's Nazi Germany, and the French government. Then, he elaborated on the plot.

Althought MacGuire denied Butler's account under ohath, corroborating testimony came from Paul Comly French, a Philadelphia Record reporter. In his article, the leading plotters included:

*Grayson Murphy, a director of Goodyear, Bethlehem Steel, and a panoply of Morgan banks.

*William Doyle, a former state commander of the Legion and purportedly the architect of the coup idea.

* John W. Davis, former Democratic candidate for President of the United States.

*Al Smith, former governor of New York, a Roosevelt foe.

Mysteriously, though, the congressional committee released heavily edited reports and ended the investigation. The reason was, the committee said, there was no suffient evidence to support the claim.

Vakin,Jonathan. The 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time. 1st. Toronto,Ontarion: A Citadel Press Book, 1995.

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20th Century Conspiracies (II): "Breeding Pure people" Conspiracy.

Today, I will discuss about "Racism." Some may ask, "What kind of conspiracies would racists have?" Well, in this time, it is not a person who has a racial conspiracy; it is a country which has a racial conspriracy. Let's begin.

What is this?

We only know that Hitler's Nazi Germany was the only country that tried to put the "racial hygiene" program in action. Well, not really. In the early twentieth centry, more than fourteen countries, including the United States, approved some of "racial hygiene" program legislation.

Want to know more?

In fact, the United States of America was the first industrialized nation to enact racial purification laws before Germany did. In the first thirty years of this century, thirty of these U.S. states passed sterilization laws. The true number cannot be know, but as many as 60,000 people were "legally" sterilized by the government because they were simply "idiots" or "morons".
In some cases, the most enthusiasitc engenics advocates from society's upper strata started to be show in front of the public. The first "Race Betterment Conference" took place in Battle Creek, Michigan; Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and other scientists tried to "prove" that blacks were stupid, Jews were greedy, Mexicans were lazy, which people with good table manner were born to be superior.
Some of these scientists later earned a huge popularity from their works. William Shockley, who was the Nobel Prize- winning electronics scientist, advanced a proposal in total seriousness to pay person- I mean, black people, with low IQ scores to have themselves sterilized. Also, Konrad Lorenz , who was accepted as a member of Nazi Party in 1938, wrote a paper talking about principles of ethology and "eliminationg inferior races". Later, he accepted his Nobel Prize in Sweden.
What do I think?
What do you think I am thinking? Sometimes, I think there is no evil in this world. Evil can only be seen when we think somebody is evil; that is for sure. By the way, if you think it is not a conspiracy, sorry.
Jonathan, Vakin. The 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time. 1st. Toronto,Ontarion: A Citadel Press Book, 1995.
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